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    Zanoob101's Introduction


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    Zanoob101's Introduction Empty Zanoob101's Introduction

    Post  Zanoob101 Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:25 pm

    Minecraft Name: Zanoob101
    Age: 14

    Why do you want to join UnholyGaming?: Not having a credit card, It is impossible for me to play on the official servers, after trawling the net I came up with a few and this was the only one that worked, playing online is much more exciting than just playing by myself, and as fore mentioned this server looks good and fun.

    Do you use and have mods ?: I use too many items, Modloadermp, Modloader, Turbomodelthingy, Sound Mod, Aether, Planes, Millenaire and a texture pack, JJas0n 128x128 tex - Millenaire.
    Would you ever consider donating for a higher rank to support server: I would if I had the funds to do so, and if the quality of the server is excellent, or will be made excellent by mentioned donation.

    Are you experienced at Minecraft: and servers: I have played minecraft offline for a year now, and this is my first online tryout.
    Do you have any builds in Minecraft that you would like to build/show: I have made 2 creations offline so far, a 150000 block pyramid, and a fort consisting of 20000 blocks.

    For How Long have you played minecraft? As fore mentioned I have played offline for a year.
    I was referred by Verigan and Aaron

    Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and I hope to become a trusted user.

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