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    Hello Fellow Crafters! deCep7iOnz's introduction


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    Hello Fellow Crafters! deCep7iOnz's introduction Empty Hello Fellow Crafters! deCep7iOnz's introduction

    Post  deCep7iOnz Fri Aug 12, 2011 8:49 pm

    Minecraft Name: deCep7iOnz
    I also need my little brother to be a builder to play with me his is flameboy

    Age:I am 13 he is 8
    I told him the rules and he and I understand we will be banned if we do not follow them.

    Why do you want to join UnholyGaming?
    I would like to join UnholyGaming because I'm looking for a new friendly server where I can just build and be happy without any unfortunate things happening and from the time I've played on it it seems like a GREAT AMAZING server (:

    do you use and have mods ?:
    Unfortunately I do use mods. Such as toomanyitems and single player commands but I don't use them in multiplayer as it would take the fun out of SMP.

    would you ever consider donating for a higher rank to support server:
    Honestly I would if I had a job but no. Not right now.

    are you experienced at Minecraft: and servers:
    Yes I am experienced at this game and I and my brother know the deal with servers.

    Do you have any before builds in Minecraft that you would like to build show:
    No not really. The only thing I like to show people is the piston door i create in single player which is the reason I have the mods Razz

    For How Long have u played minecraft?
    I've played minecraft for a few months now. Same for my brother.

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