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    Post  UnholySpirit Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:36 am

    Hello Users.
    Okay, lets start off.

    This server is based on creativity which will allow you to build creatively and make huge project's. good projects get Builder rank.
    But unfortunetly we are against griefers so we use a system which is that you go into introductuions and write a good introduction of yourself. since we only want nice and mature community we are not telling what the intro should contain. we will let you figure that out yourself. if you success to that you will be come a trusted member when you announce a moderator ingame about your introduction.

    We are also searching for Moderators so feel free to msg me in this forum about it so i can have a look and se if i can trust you.
    Note: you need over 200 Replutation points to have a change to success to this, as you may have noticed. we give you a 50 points bonus just for registering and taking a part of our community.
    to get replutation you write good threads with helpful information about things ingame. people will puch the Thanks button which will give you 10 points. when you reach 200 you can apply for moderator.

    To get veteran rank you stay along time on our community. i would say 2 Months as an active user and you got it.

    To Get VIP or VIP+ Rank you simply save replutation. When you reach 1000 you can tell an admin to check it and promote you to a VIP

    May you enjoy this server and project

    Regards ~ UnholySpirit, Kayasto and Anthony_k. The Main Staff of Unholy Gaming

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