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    if the server is crashed i cant help you.


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    if the server is crashed i cant help you. Empty if the server is crashed i cant help you.

    Post  UnholySpirit Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:49 am

    hello everybody. im currently at a hotel computer at the swedish capital : Stockholm so i have no accesss to my host. i will as soon as i get home tonight check n on the server and look hows things going before i go to sleep.

    while im on a vacation i have tought the current ideas:

    Demote JayeJay to trusted
    Demote every other admin to moderator.
    Zez remains as the head administrator.
    Trying to advertise like crazy and find some nice and polite staff & comunity whioch will find us much more success in the community itself.

    okay guys. thanks for playing and being a part of Unholy Gaming.

    And for you guys who like Minecraft Classic. im trying to get some coding going annd open Unholy Classic server with the same staff.


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