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    How To Write A Mod App.


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    How To Write A Mod App. Empty How To Write A Mod App.

    Post  UnholySpirit Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:03 pm

    To Write An App : simply Scheck ur replutation points, if theyre over 200. send me a Forum MSG with the folowing contect answered: Note : copy all below and paste in the message and fill after that. or app will be denied.


    What would you best describe as your "mission statement"?

    In what way do you think you could contribute to our community?

    Are you over the age of 13? If so, could you provide proof that you are indeed the age you say you are?

    Have you been affiliated with any other servers? If so, please list them and what role you played in them.

    Scenario: A user has accidentally stated his password in the game chat. All of a sudden, that person logs out and logs back in instantly, indicating that someone has taken control of his account. What actions would you take to ensure order is brought back to the situation?

    Scenario: Trevor, the owner, has told you go and clear poorly-made structures from the creative area of the server. What would you define as a "poorly-made structure"? How would you go about clearing them off?

    Now that you've made it this far, we're going to test your knowledge of the rules. What are the main illegal materials that are not allowed on our server?

    What is the penalty for griefing? Why do you think that is?

    Why aren't multiple accounts a good idea?

    What is the Authorization Code for Registration? Why do you think it was made a requirement to know it for registration?

    Why is this an english-only server?

    Now for more general questions. What are your views on trolls? Why do you think they're a threat to the community (If at all)?

    Who is staff on our server currently?

    How long does an intro have to be before it can be accepted? Do you think good grammar counts?

    Our community relies on absolute cooperation in order to achieve our goals in the long run. In some situations, we've called out to everyone in times of need in order to bring the community together to accomplish great feats. One day you may be asked bring the everyone together and accomplish something great. Describe to the best of your ability the importance of overall cooperation from everyone in order to acheive a goal:

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